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Accelerate high-quality software development. Our AI-powered platform drives innovation with tools that boost developer velocity.
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<div class="position-absolute width-full color-bg-default" style="bottom: -4rem;">
  <div class="container-xl p-responsive">
    <div class="d-flex flex-justify-center flex-lg-justify-end color-bg-default">
      <div class="col-8 col-sm-7 col-md-6 col-lg-5 position-relative z-2 right-lg-n12 events-none">
          <source srcset="astro-mona.webp" type="image/webp">
          <img src="astro-mona.svg" width="960" height="967" class="home-astro-mona width-full position-absolute bottom-0 height-auto" alt="Mona looking at GitHub activity across the globe">
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[09:43:36] Starting 'watch-extension:vscode-api-tests' ...
[09:43:36] Finished 'clean-extension:typescript-language-features' after 248 ms
[09:43:36] Starting 'watch-extension:typescript-language-features' ...
[09:43:36] Finished 'clean-extension:php-language-features' after 384 ms
[09:43:36] Starting 'watch-extension:php-language-features' ...
[09:43:40] Finished 'clean-extension:html-language-features-server' after 4.66 s
[09:43:40] Starting 'watch-extension:html-language-features-server' ...
[09:43:43] Finished 'clean-client' after 7.33 s
[09:43:43] Starting 'watch-client' ...
Planet earth with visualization of GitHub activity crossing the globe

GitHub Codespaces offers a complete dev environment in seconds, so you can code, build, test, and open pull requests from any repo anywhere.

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22% increase

in developer productivity
after three years with GitHub1

GitHub Copilot is your AI pair programmer that empowers you to complete tasks 55% faster by turning natural language prompts into coding suggestions.

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
def draw_scatterplot(x_values, y_values):
    plt.scatter(x_values, y_values, s=20)
    plt.title("Scatter Plot")
    plt.xlabel("x values")
    plt.ylabel("y values")

GitHub Actions automates your build, test, and deployment workflow with simple and secure CI/CD.

GitHub Mobile fits your projects in your pocket, so you never miss a beat while on the go.


Supercharge collaboration. We provide unlimited repositories, best-in-class version control, and the world’s most powerful open source community—so your team can work more efficiently together.

Illustration of project table view with cards grouped by 'Feature planning' phase.

GitHub Issues and GitHub Projects supply flexible project management tools that adapt to your team alongside your code.

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80% reduction

in onboarding time with GitHub1

GitHub Discussions create space to ask questions and have open-ended conversations.

Pull requests allow real-time communication and collaboration about code changes.


Embed security into the developer workflow. With GitHub, developers can secure their code in minutes and organizations can automatically comply with regulations.

on: push
  • Build
    1m 21s
  • Initialize CodeQL
    1m 42s
  • Autobuild
    1m 24s
  • Perform CodeQL Analyses
    1m 36s

GitHub Advanced Security lets you gain visibility into your security posture, respond to threats proactively, and ship secure applications quickly.

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56 million projects

fixed vulnerabilities with GitHub2

Secret scanning automatically looks for partner patterns and prevents fraudulent use of accidentally committed secrets.

Dependabot makes it easy to find and fix vulnerable dependencies in your supply chain.

Code scanning is GitHub’s static code analysis tool that helps you remediate issues in your code.

The place for anyone from anywhere to build anything

Whether you’re scaling your startup or just learning how to code, GitHub is your home. Join the world’s largest developer platform to build the innovations that empower humanity. Let’s build from here.

Mona looking at the galaxy
  • 1 The Total Economic Impact™ Of GitHub Enterprise Cloud and Advanced Security, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, 2022. Results are for a composite organization based on interviewed customers.
  • 2 GitHub, Octoverse 2022 The state of open source software.