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fix the error when using 'hexo g' in v2.8.1 by adding double quotes i…

…n yml files

error log:
reason: 'incomplete explicit mapping pair; a key node is missed', ....
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1 parent ec1a598 commit 750607da01177acc734117818da0cc75cff1227f @AndriyLin AndriyLin committed Jul 29, 2014
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@@ -1,18 +1,18 @@
categories: Categories
search: Search
tags: Tags
-tagcloud: Tag Cloud
+tagcloud: "Tag Cloud"
prev: Prev
next: Next
comment: Comments
contents: Contents
archive_a: Archives
-archive_b: Archives: %s
-page: Page %d
-recent_posts: Recent Posts
+archive_b: "Archives: %s"
+page: "Page %d"
+recent_posts: "Recent Posts"
menu: Menu
links: Links
rss: RSS
-showsidebar: Show Sidebar
-hidesidebar: Hide Sidebar
-updated: Updated
+showsidebar: "Show Sidebar"
+hidesidebar: "Hide Sidebar"
+updated: Updated

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