Powershell-based Windows Security Auditing Toolbox
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       WINspect is part of a larger project for auditing different areas of Windows environments.         
    It focuses on enumerating different parts of a Windows machine to identify security weaknesses       
    and point to components that need further hardening. 



This current version of the script supports the following features :

  • Checking for installed security products.
  • Checking for DLL hijackability (Authenticated Users security context).
  • Checking for User Account Control settings.
  • Checking for unattended installs leftovers.
  • Enumerating world-exposed local filesystem shares.
  • Enumerating domain users and groups with local group membership.
  • Enumerating registry autoruns.
  • Enumerating local services that are configurable by Authenticated Users group members.
  • Enumerating local services for which corresponding binary is writable by Authenticated Users group members.
  • Enumerating non-system32 Windows Hosted Services and their associated DLLs.
  • Enumerating local services with unquoted path vulnerability.
  • Enumerating non-system scheduled tasks.


  • Local Security Policy controls.
  • Administrative shares configs.
  • User-defined COM.
  • Suspicious loaded DLLs.
  • Established/listening connections.
  • Exposed GPO scripts.

Supported Powershell Version

This version was tested in a powershell v2.0 environment.


You are welcome to contribute and suggest any improvements. If you want to point to an issue, Please file an issue.

Direct contributions

Fork the repository && File a pull request && You are good to go ;)

Need Help

If you have questions or need further guidance on using the tool, please file an issue.


This project is licensed under The GPL terms.