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Nov 13, 2018
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A Persistent Whole Map Mission, for SP or MP co-op, focused on Resistance, Infantry and Guerrilla Tactics.


  • Playable in SP, MP, and persistent open server MP.
  • Blufor vs Greenfor vs Redfor with dynamic battles, let Blufor and Redfor fight and strike them while they're busy, don't draw too much attention or the aggressivity against SDK will increase, causing heavy reactions. Be nice with their wounded instead; If healed they might think to join you!
  • Available in both Altis and Tanoa versions.
  • AI Enemy Commander which reacts to your movements and manages his resources.
  • Around 18 possible Sidemissions: Assasination, Logistics, Destroy Assets, Rescue POWS, Conquer Missions with a wide variety for each type.
  • Possibility of Undercovered Operations, same as a Resistance soldier can do.
  • Persistent Stat Save System: You won't lose game or server progress upon a game update.
  • Enhanced AI Squadmate control.
  • AI friendlies and enemy can drag/carry and heal injured soldiers, not working with ACE3 mod.
  • AI Garrisons that use static weapon you add .
  • Forests get destroyed as long as the war evolves.
  • Up to 3 Headless Client supported.
  • Integrated Mods: TFAR, ACRE, RHS: AFRF, USAF and GREF, FFAA, ACE or, to keep the unique features of AI that would be disabled with ACE medical system: ACE no medical. None of them mandatory.

How to setup

There are 2 islands in the same repository so you have to:

  • Download the Github repository
  • Go to /templates/ directory and copy A3-AATemplate.Altis into a new folder
  • Copy everything from A3-Antistasi into the A3-AATemplate.Altis folder
  • Go into /templates/ inside the A3-AATemplate.Altis folder and deleted the other templates in there
  • Then compile the mission using pbomanager

Replace Altis with Tanoa for Tanoa version.

Or google arma 3 get pbo workshop and use workshop version ;)

Known Issues:

  • The NATO PvP Option is still WiP, but definitely playable. Among other things to improve, the NATO heli taxi (Radio 0-8) uses vanilla BIS module and lack of some functionalities Antistasi needs. If in trouble, login/logout.
  • Tanoa is a pain in the for AI driving on roads. They have built a lot of small tracks which AI uses badly due to the dense jungle which surrounds them. Possible solutions are WiP.
  • Mission balancing is still under study.
  • Some features have not been heavily tested. That's why are you're here :)

Mission is on Beta STAGE.


Please rate up the mission if you like the concept. The more players we are, the better mission we will have thanks to comments, suggestions, and bug reports.


Official servers are moving a lot lately. Come to the official website to get up to date information.

Teamspeak/TFAR is mandatory on antistasi official servers.