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Discontinued project

In over a year this project added many features which are not as functional as it is the current Antistasi, the official community discontinued this project in favor of the other.


After 1.2 Chris coded many changes under the supervision of RickyTan and Kendo with the contribution of Toshi and Tucks for porting and templates.

After 1.7.6 Sparker and Jeroen continued because the 1.7 bugs weren't possible to be fixed unless changing a lot of the code.

Stef started supervising since 1.7.17 with great help of IrLED who started the github project and coded major core fixes and improvement such as proportional distribution of AI to headlessclients,lightened spawned script etc.

Triada adapted the mission for multi-language translation updating Stringtable.xml and harmonizing hints and task display. He translated, with support of Russian community, the mission to Russian. Also, Nemesti added the Spanish translation.

Stef, Wurzel0701 and Zalexki continued the develop branch untill Barbolani released the current A3-Antistasi


The mission has no dependencies, however it can detect the following mods.

  • CBA, TFAR, RHS-AFRF+GREF(replace AAF, CSAT), RHS-USAF(replace NATO), ACE, inidibi2(multiple saves).

Client side mods, as long they don't affect AI, are generally ok. Here's some suggestions

  • Dusty retexture project, JSRS, Enhanced Movement, Blastcore

This is a steam collection:

Continuing this project

You can take files and modify at will, you won't be allowed to sign it as official, nor this version will be loaded on Official Servers Consider the complexity of this mission and the high goal of persistency; Arma engine has important limitation so we can't do whatever we desire, there are always bollenecks here and there.