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Arma 3 Gungame Mission for the Map Nordholm by realliferpg.
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Arma 3 GunGame (Nordholm)

Arma 3 GunGame can be used with any Arma 3 Map and most of its mods, BUT the Files in this repository are pre-configured to work on Nordholm, a map made by RealLifeRPG. It also depends on the RealLifeRPG Mod Pack. All dependencies can easily be removed.

The RealLifeRPG Mod-Pack is free to use for private purposes, if you want to make your own public GunGame Server please refrain from using it!


This mission offers a classical GunGame mode (start with a weapon and get a new one for each kill).

  • Fully configurable areas on the map including loadout and weapon whitelists for each area
  • Compatible with ACE (might need some tweaking when using without ACE)
  • Players can vote which area of the map to play on
  • Configurable weapon lists (weapons, number of kills, scopes, number of magazines, type of magazine)
  • Different random loadouts
  • [WIP] Database Features: log all kills and some stats to a database (can be disabled)


If you want to use the database features you will need to install ExtDB3 on your server.

Your extdb3-conf.ini should look something like this.

Version = 1

Randomize Config File = false
;; Randomizes Config File after loading.
;;   Recommend to turn on, if you have enabled filepatching on arma.

Allow Reset = false
;; Allows 9:RESET, usefull for development work

Thread = 0;
;; Option to force number of worker threads for extDB3.
;;   Auto = 0, Min = 2, Max = 6

Flush = true;
;; Flush logfile after each update.
;;    Option really only usefull if running DEBUG BUILD

IP = ip.of.your.db
Port = 3306
Username = username
Password = password
Database = databasename

Make sure to copy the gg_sql.ini file to your extDB sql_custom directory and verify that db = 1 in config\round_config.cpp.

Create your database with the included database.sql script.

Spawnpoint Script

To easily create a new "Map" you can use the following script. Start by setting spawns = "" Then use this Script which adds the spawn to a list and copies it to your clippboard. It also creates a marker so you know where you have been.

_marker = createMarkerLocal [format["marker_%1_%2",random 10,random 10],position player];  
_marker setMarkerColorLocal "ColorBlue";  
_marker setMarkerTypeLocal "mil_dot";  
_marker setMarkerAlphaLocal 1; 
spawns = spawns + format["{%1,%2,%3},",(getPosATL player)#0,(getPosATL player)#1,(getPosATL player)#2];  
copyToClipboard spawns;

License & Credits

Arma 3 GunGame Nordholm is licensed under the MIT License.

Since it is based on the work of Bytex Digital credit must be given to both Bytex Digital and RealLifeRPG.

Original Mission by BytexDigital GunGame Tanoa (Steam Workshop)

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