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PBO SignTool

Simple PBO sign tool using python multiprocessing.


  • Uses all available CPU power to make signing fast
  • Can creates new unique keypair each time you sign
  • can move public/private key to configured dir (for easier deployment)
  • verify signatures after signing
  • heavily customizable with command line arguments (see usage)


Since colors are nice (and show errors better) and manually doing colors in python is annoying you have to install colorama either in a virtual env or globally.

pip install colorama

Simply drop the DSSignFiles.exe,DSCreateKey.exe and DSCheckSignatures.exe in a directory of your choice together with the sign.py script.

DISCLAIMER This Script does not handle bad input well, unexpected things can happen!

The simplest option is to run ptyhon sign.py /path/to/your/@Mod. For more advanced usage and documentation run python sign.py --help.

usage: sign.py [-h] [-k PUBLIC_KEY_PATH] [-p PRIVATE_KEY_PATH] [-a AUTHORITY]
               [-t] [-c] [-o] [-u] [-d] [-e] [-v]

positional arguments:
  path                  path to mod root directory (not addons)

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -k PUBLIC_KEY_PATH, --public-key-path PUBLIC_KEY_PATH
                        path to directory for storing generated public key
                        (default <base path>/keys)
  -p PRIVATE_KEY_PATH, --private-key-path PRIVATE_KEY_PATH
                        path to directory for storing generated private key
  -a AUTHORITY, --authority AUTHORITY
                        basically the name of the key
  -t, --timestamp       adds a timestamp to the authority name
  -c, --clean           if old bisign and key files should be deleted
  -o, --old             do not create new key because old one exists (if there
                        is no old one things will break)
  -u, --unsafe          do not check if created signatures are valid
  -d, --delete          delete bikey and private key when finished
  -e, --export          export public key to defined directory
  -v, --verbose         verbose console output when signing

If this is not enough for you simply scrap all the command line stuff from the python script and rewrite it to fit your needs.


Fixed anything broken or added a new Feature ? Pull Requests and Issues are always welcome!