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Update instructions for A3W v1.2

extDB2 migration

  1. Delete your existing extDB libraries (Windows: extDB.dll, tbb.dll, tbbmalloc.dll / Linux:
  2. Rename "extdb-conf.ini" to something like "extdb-conf_old.ini"
  3. In the "extDB" folder from the Arma 3 root, rename the "db_custom" folder to "sql_custom_v2", and delete the "a3wasteland.ini" located inside; do NOT rename "extDB"
  4. Put the new extDB2 libraries (Windows: extDB2.dll / Linux: and the new extdb-conf.ini in the Arma 3 root
  5. Put the new "a3wasteland.ini" in the aforementioned "sql_custom_v2" folder
  6. Open the new "extdb-conf.ini" in a text editor, and adjust the connection settings in the [A3W] section at the bottom according to your previous settings from "extdb-conf_old.ini"

That's it. You don't really to use -mod with an "@extDB" folder, putting the libraries alongside arma3server.exe is sufficient. Also, if you plan on collecting debug info for me or Torndeco, you should keep the extDB2 debug libraries ready in a separate folder, so that you can easily swap them out with the regular ones if needed.

Vehicle textures migration (extDB)

  1. Shutdown server
  2. Run "vehicleTextures_jpg_to_paa.sql" on your MySQL database. If your database is not named "a3wasteland", adjust the "USE" statement accordingly.

Vehicle textures migration (iniDB)

  1. Shutdown server
  2. Open all the "A3W_Vehicles.ini" file(s) from the "db" folder in the Arma 3 root in your favorite text editor
  3. Replace all (Ctrl+H) "\camo_fuel." to "\swamp." (without quotes)
  4. Replace all "\camo_fack." to "\camo_orange."
  5. Replace all "\camo_deser." to "\camo_red."
  6. Replace all "\camo_pank." to "\camo_pink."
  7. Replace all ".jpg" to ".paa"

Example in Notepad++:

Vehicle textures migration (profileNamespace)

Wipe all data by deleting the "xxx.vars.Arma3Profile" file, there's no other way.