A3Wasteland v1.2b

@AgentRev AgentRev released this Feb 20, 2016 · 23 commits to master since this release

Updated on 2016-03-03!

  • [Added] Scoreboard scrolling via mousewheel
  • [Added] New paintjobs for Kajman, Strider, Gorgon, Hatchback
  • [Fixed] Too low damage resistance during revive mode
  • [Fixed] UGVs not airliftable via R3F (v1)
  • [Fixed] Revive broken after getting run over by vehicles
  • [Fixed] Antihack kicks not always working properly

Initial release on 2016-02-20:

  • [Changed] Hostile Heli (single) crates now spawn on touchdown
  • [Changed] Lowered Ifrit center of mass to reduce rollovers
  • [Changed] Updated antihack database
  • [Fixed] Saved grenades not throwable on rejoin
  • [Fixed] Corpses not ejecting from vehicle wrecks
  • [Fixed] Items not dropping from vehicle wreck corpses
  • [Fixed] Revive not triggering properly on fatal shot
  • [Fixed] Vehicle turret ammo saving issues
  • [Fixed] Veh respawn not being delayed when owner is within 1km
  • [Fixed] All armor values showing 0 in general store
  • [Fixed] Supplies category in general store sometimes empty
  • [Fixed] Server rules not showing anymore in map menu
  • [Fixed] Territory info overlapping with vehicle HUD
  • [Fixed] Vehicle contents selling money exploit
  • [Fixed] Various minor bugfixes and optimizations

A3Wasteland_settings has not changed, but BattlEye filters have been updated. The mission.sqm is not fully compatible with the Eden 3D editor yet, so please continue using the 2D editor in the meantime.

The dev branch of the Altis and Stratis repos contain updated mission.sqm that should be compatible with Eden.

As always, if you need support, go on http://forums.a3wasteland.com/