Create Pinyin subtitles for Chinese Movies on the fly
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Create Pinyin subtitles for Chinese Movies on the fly

How it works:

  1. Start a movie with Chinese subtitles, normal and full-screen mode are both supported.

  2. Click "New Subtitle Area" button on the left. A yellow rectangle appears. Use it to mark the area where the Chinese subtitles appears. This settings is stored until you reselect a new area. So you need to do this only once per movie.

  3. Done! - Sit back and watch your movie. Just click the "Translate!" button whenever you need an instant Pinyin subtitle and English translation.

This app does not make learning Chinese easy, but it makes it more fun ;-)

There is no need to search the internet for free subtitle files in SRT format and use complicated DVD player setups. Just open the CST app, go to Youtube, start your favorite video and press the “Translate!” button whenever you need some help with a Chinese subtitle.

CST works with any video portal that shows the videos with a HTML5 video player. Flash players are not yet supported. Unfortunately, that means no Youku support yet [Please email blog AT if you are interested in beta testing a version with Flash/Youku support in August. Also, please email any feature suggestion or bug report to this address. Or just leave a comment below...].