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Getting Started with AACT

Check out this repository as your first step in getting involved with AACT at the University of Washington.

Shout out to OreSat for giving us the idea of including this type of thing for students getting started.

Get Familiar with CubeSats

Check out AACT Resources

  • Our website has some more details on our current mission, the team, and the facilities.
  • We use GitHub to manage all of the code, CAD and tex files (among others). Here are a few good tutorials for learning how to use GitHub:
  • Written documents, such as ICDs, requirements, ConOps, etc are all located on our Google Team Drive. One of the admins can add you to this once you join.

Join the Team

The best way to get involved is to start coming to shop hours in AERB 023, aka the "sat cave." These are times when the door is unlocked and there is guaranteed to be somebody in the lab working away. Come and have your questions answered, tinker with hardware, learn new things, and make progress on your satellite components!

The current coronavirus pandemic has halted our in person shop hours. During this time, we are still accepting new students to work on specific projects. Please contact us through to hear what we're "hiring" for!


Check out this repository as your first step



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