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This is the NewsFinder software, designed to automatically crawl the web for news related to artificial intelligence, filter, categorize, and rank the news, and publish to a wiki, mailing list, and RSS feeds.
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Full details of this software can be found at AITopics.

The main script can be called with one of three arguments:

python crawl

This crawls the sources list and stores its results in the database (table urllist).

python prepare

This filters and processes the news, and creates an XML file export.

python email

This generates the weekly email as an HTML submission form.

Our configuration has a script that uses the crawl and prepare (in that order) commands once each day, and the email command once a week. The email is sent manually using the generated submission form.


NewsFinder is primarily coded in Python and requires the following libraries:

Packages for Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install python-mysqldb libsvm-tools python-libsvm \
                     python-cheetah python-nltk python-beautifulsoup \
                     python-pyrss2gen python-feedparser python-unidecode

"Installation" of NewsFinder should only involve downloading the code in this repository. Assuming Python includes the NewsFinder code in its path, execution of NewsFinder should be as simple as running python

There are various supplementary files that NewsFinder expects. These files can be obtained from another repository: AINewsSupplementary

In our working configuration, we have a directory in our home called NewsFinder. In this directory are the AINewsSupplementary directories (e.g. templates, resource, etc.). The NewsFinder code found in this repository is stored in a code directory in the main NewsFinder folder. In any event, the paths.ini file (in the config directory of this project) can be modified to point to whereever you keep your files.


Look at tables.sql to create tables needed by NewsFinder.


All configuration is provided in the config/*.ini files:

  • config.ini has miscellaneous configuration options, described in the file
  • db.ini has database connectivity information (host, username, password, etc.)
  • paths.ini stores the paths of various data and output directories used by NewsFinder. This file allows you to store data and output in whatever way makes sense for a particular installation (for example, data files should be outside of a webserver root)

Make a copy of the .ini.sample files (rename to .ini) to build your own configuration.

News sources

Sources are specified in a CSV file obtained from a URL provided in the paths.ini config file. Here is an example short sources CSV file:

"62671","Forbes Technology","","RSS"
"62673","BBC Technology","","RSS"

Only RSS sources are supported at this time.


The most recent version (as of this writing) of NewsFinder was written by Joshua Eckroth. The prior iteration was written by Liang Dong. Before that, NewsFinder was coded by Tom Charytoniuk. The project has been supervised by Bruce Buchanan and Reid Smith.


Copyright (c) 2011 by the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence. This program and parts of it may be used and distributed without charge for non-commercial purposes as long as this notice is included.

The file is pulled from the laic-arff package, which is distributed under the MIT License.

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