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As mentioned in:
title={Centroid-based document classification: Analysis and experimental results},
author={Han, E.H. and Karypis, G.},
journal={Principles of Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery},
1. This directory contains 20 data sets used in the experiments reported
in paper titled "Centroid-Based Document Classification: Analysis &
Experimental Results" by Eui-Hong (Sam) Han and George Karypis.
Note that we did not include three data sets (west1, west2, and west3)
from West Group, because they are not available for public use.
2. For each data set, there are 3 files. For example, for oh0 data set:
oh0.mat : sparse vector space representation of documents where rows
are documents and columns are words
oh0.mat.rlabel: row label (the class name of each document)
oh0.mat.clabel: column label (stemmed words)
3. Format of the *.mat file is as follows:
no-of-rows no-of-columns no-of-non-zero-elements
Each row corresponds to a document and has the following format:
c1 f1 c2 f2 c3 f3 ..... cm fm
where c? represents a word id and f? represents the text frequency
of c? in this document.
4. The *.mat.rlabel contains class label of documents. The first line
corresponds to the class label of the first document represented in
*.mat file, and so forth.
5. The *.mat.clabel contains stemmed words of the documents. The first
line corresponds to the word-id 1 used in *.mat file, and so forth.