The repository for the organising team of an e-Research Hackfest
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The repository for the organising team of an e-Research Hackfest.

What is a hackfest ?

An e-Science Hackfest is an event organised to rapidly prototype and co-develop science gateways based on an open science platform. See the O.G. Hack

When and why to have a hackfest ?

Why would you want to have a hackfest ? - See the list of our champions - they'll tell you better than we ever could.

When would be the best time to hack ? - Any time is good, but the summer is best.

What happens during a hackfest ?


Actors in a hackfest

A hackfest is a coming together of various players, in order to achieve something that cannot be done by working alone. Everyone has a role to play, and these are the clearest :

  • organiser: The institute responsible for making the infrastructure and space available to the participants and facilitators. Organisers are the ones who bring the money and resources to the table.
  • participant : someone who comes to the hackfest with the goal of developing a new application or service
  • facilitator : someone who knows the tools of the open science platform and is responsible for giving the overviews of them, as well as facilitating the development of the new applications proposed by the participants. Can overlap with presenter
  • presenter: The presenters could in principle be different to the facilitators, although these are usually the same people. They are responsible for making the presentations in the first two days of the hackfest.
  • services: Automated agents are used to help the facilitators and participants

How to use this repo

If you would like to run a hackfest at your site, this repo will get you started. It consists of the tools and checklists necessary to prepare for and execute a successful hackfest. There are checklists for each of the actors in the relevant subdirectory.

There is also a main checklist which will guide you in preparing the event.


Add your name if you have a pull request accepted.

  1. Bruce Becker (CSIR Meraka)
  2. Mario Torrisi (Universita di Catania)