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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<GameVariety xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="" Name="Simpsons" xmlns="">
<Weapon Name="Poison donut" />
<Weapon Name="Plutonium rod" />
<Weapon Name="Saxophone" />
<Weapon Name="Slingshot" />
<Weapon Name="Necklace" />
<Weapon Name="Extend-o-glove" />
<Suspect Name="Mr. Green" />
<Suspect Name="Colonel Mustard" />
<Suspect Name="Mrs. Peacock" />
<Suspect Name="Professor Plum" />
<Suspect Name="Ms. Scarlet" />
<Suspect Name="Mrs. White" />
<Place Name="Simpson house" />
<Place Name="Frying dutchman" />
<Place Name="Androids dungeon" />
<Place Name="Burns manor" />
<Place Name="Krusty loo studios" />
<Place Name="Barneys Bowl o rama" />
<Place Name="Kwik e mart" />
<Place Name="Nuclear power plant" />
<Place Name="Springfield retirement castle" />
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