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As already mentioned, you are free to use this but no support will be provided if you have not purchased the application, the source is public for those who cannot afford it but have the knowledge to support themselves.

This is also an effort to prevent (inevitable) nulled versions which might include malware.

Current features

  • Automatically sync groups
  • Members can have multiple UUIDs
  • Force members to enter their UUID
  • TS Viewer as widget
  • Show UUID form on register (optionally force members to enter it)
  • Edit TS Server information in the ACP
  • Send global alert to the TS in the ACP
  • Unlink UUIDs as an admin
  • (Mass)Poke/Kick/Ban Clients from within the ACP
  • Add/Edit/Delete/Copy Server Groups within the ACP
  • Add/Edit/Delete/Copy Channel Groups within the ACP
  • Ban syncing
  • Create/Deploy Server Snapshots
  • View ban list/Unban members/IPs


  • Automated tests
  • Multiple server support
  • Front-end client management (kick/poke/ban etc.)