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Examples, Showcase Applications and Tutorials for SciChart.WPF: High Performance Realtime WPF Chart Library.

SciChart WPF Collage

Build Instructions

See end of for instructions on how to build the examples.

SciChart WPF v6 Released!

This branch is for the .NET Core 3 and .NET Framework 4.5.2+ version of SciChart, v6.x

  • Requires .NET Core 3.0.100 SDK or later
  • Requires .NET Framework v4.5.2 or later
  • Requires Visual Studio 2019 or later

To find out what's new in SciChart WPF v6 please see this link.

Repository Contents

Scichart Examples Suite

The SciChart WPF Examples Suite demonstrates 2D & 3D WPF Chart types, as well as featured apps which show the speed, power and flexibility of the SciChart.WPF Chart library.

The examples suite source code is found under the /Examples folder).

This showcase is written in WPF with MVVM, Unity Container and Reactive Extensions and is designed to be a demonstration of what SciChart WPF can do.

WPF 2D Chart Types

SciChart WPF Includes the following 2D & 3D chart types, as well as an wide set of features, excellent performance and a poweful, flexible API.

SciChart WPF Collage

WPF 3D Chart Types

SciChart WPF also has an array of DirectX-powered Realtime 3D Charts for WPF, including:

SciChart WPF3D Collage


SciChart WPF Comes with a number of tutorials to help you get started quickly using our powerful & flexible chart library! Please see below:

SciChart WPF Tutorials

Source code for the tutorials is found under the /Tutorials folder


A place to put ideas, examples for users to answer support requests and more. See Sandbox/CustomerExamples for a list of useful examples of customisation of SciChart.

Build Instructions

NuGet feed setup

The SciChart.Wpf.Examples repository uses nightly builds and is updated automatically during our devops / deployment process. To build, you will need to set the correct NuGet feeds for SciChart WPF nightly builds.

Nuget Feed Setup

Further instructions for NuGet Feed setup at the page Getting Nightly Builds with NuGet


SciChart WPF is commercial software, and requires a trial or paid license of SciChart WPF to run. Get a trial from if needed

Visual Studio

After that, open Examples/SciChart2D3D.Examples.sln in Visual Studio 2019 or later, restore NuGet Packages, build and run!


Examples, tutorials, and sandbox for SciChart WPF: High Performance Realtime Charts







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