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The official website for ABWorld!
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ABSoftware Website
ABWorld Website

ABWorld Website

The website for ABWorld.

You can visit it at

If you find any problems with the site, please join the Discord server at (discord).

How it's split up

The website is split into two parts - the ABWorld side and the ABSoftware.

The ABWorld side is designed for all the information (excluding software docs) and online things - hence why ABMedia and the staff is on there, that's an online thing and information.

The ABSoftware side is designed for everything to do with the software, like downloads, docs, etc.

The "Minfied" folder

Ignore the minified folder

The minified folder is jusrt the website but minified, compressed and combined. The minified folder is actually the folder that's online - however, do not use the minified folder.

Pages so far

Currently there are the pages completed:

  • Home
  • ABMedia
  • All Staff

These are the pages that need to be completed:

  • ABSoftware (Home)
  • ABPaint
  • ABTools
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