The next-gen AcmlmBoard
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AcmlmBoard XD

The new and secure AcmlmBoard-like board.


Please note that you are using a version of ABXD obtained from the Git repository. This version of ABXD may have serious vulnerabilites and might not work at all.

If you are interested more stable software, you may want to download the latest stable release. It's known to work almost everywhere.


Download ABXD, put it on the HTTP server (PHP has to be installed), visit the location of ABXD in your server and follow the installer. It couldn't be easier.


Create an issue here on GitHub for any bugs not related to security. If you know of any security bugs, plaese contact Dirbaio instead.


Fork the repository and send a pull request. This project uses tab-based indentation and opening braces on separate lines, so keep that in mind while contributing patches.