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My Telnet chatroom server
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Fortress Telnet Server

This is ABrambleNinja's Telnet server, written from scratch, with only a few bugs (see TODO).

I plan to make this more complete and have Bukkit-like plugin support as well as commands that work. Again, see TODO.

Working demo coming soon!

JAR file and instructions are here! Find them on the Fortress Wiki!

There's also Javadocs there, as well as a runnable JAR file there.

###For those of you who don't know,

Telnet is this ancient protocol that used to be used to remotely access your computer (like in the '90s). Then, people realized you could steal passwords through it, so that use was retired. However, some clever people decided that it could be used as a chat server (before the http protocol was widespread).

Anyways, I recently found a Telnet server that I like, and I started frequenting it. I tried to get the source, but it refused to compile on my Windows, so I decided to code my own.

Take that, society!

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