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PDFs of presenter slides from ACCU 2019
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andy_balaam_-_examples_of_kotlin_making_your_java_code_better_files Add andy_balaam_-_examples_of_kotlin_making_your_java_code_better.html Apr 13, 2019
.gitignore Start the ACCU 2019 PDF collection. Apr 13, 2019 Start the ACCU 2019 PDF collection. Apr 13, 2019
ahto_truu_-_what_are_hash_trees_and_why_you_should_care.pdf Slides from Ahto Truu on hash trees Apr 18, 2019
anastasia_kazakova_-_cpp_ecosystem_for_better_for_worse.pdf Rename to the normal namng strategy. Apr 13, 2019
andy_thomason_-_the_cell_as_a_computer.pdf Added Andy Thomason's slides Apr 20, 2019
anthony_williams_-_here_s_my_number_call_me_maybe__callbacks_in_a_multithreaded_world.pdf Added slides for presentation by Anthony Williams Apr 18, 2019
arne_mertz_-_clean_code_for_large_scale_legacy_applications.pdf add slides for Arne Mertz Apr 15, 2019
austin_bingham_-_anchored_metadata.pdf Added "Anchored Metadat" by Austin Bingham Apr 24, 2019
bjorn_fahller_-_programming_with_contracts_in_cpp20.pdf Added Bjorn Fahller - Contracts in C++20 Apr 13, 2019
burkhard_kloss-a_modern_scalable_risk_system_architecture.pdf added my slides Apr 17, 2019
cb_bailey__andy_balaam_-_how_does_git_actually_work.pdf Move to obey naming policy. Apr 13, 2019
chris_oldwood_-_monitoring__turning_noise_into_signal.pdf Add PDF file. May 1, 2019
dietmar_kuehl_-_hashing.pdf add the Hashing presentation slides Apr 20, 2019
dom_davis_-_people_-_code_is_made_out_of_people.pdf Make filename lowercase Apr 14, 2019
eberhard_graether_-_software_visualization_the_humane_solution.pdf eberhard_graether_-_software_visualization_the_humane_solution Apr 19, 2019
eoin_woods_-_security_design_principles.pdf Added Eoin Woods Security Design Principles Apr 23, 2019
felix_petriconi_-_c++_pub_quiz.pdf Adding session by Felix Petriconi Apr 14, 2019
fran_buontempo__chris_simons_-_teach_your_computer_to_code_fizzbuzz.pdf Correct some naming. Apr 21, 2019
giorgio_zoppi_-_mpin_authentication_in_vehicle_tracking.pdf Added GiorgioZoppi PDF Apr 18, 2019
greg_law_-_debugging_cpp.pdf gregs slides Apr 16, 2019
ivan_cukic_-_ranges_for_distribuded_and_asynchronous_systems.pdf Added slides for Ivan Čukić Apr 15, 2019
jez_higgins_-_snakes_into_snake_oil.pdf Jez Higgins - Snakes Into Snake Oil Apr 14, 2019
jim_hague_-_its_dns_jim.pdf Add jim_hague_-_its_dns_jim.pdf. Apr 13, 2019
john_lakos_-_value_proposition_allocator-aware_(aa)_software.pdf Swap en-dash for hyphen in name. Apr 26, 2019
jonathan_boccara_-_10_techniques_to_understand_code_you_don't_know.pdf Add slides for 10 techniques to understand code you don't know Apr 23, 2019
jonathan_pallant_-_monotron__a_1980s_style_home_computer_written_in_rust.pdf Correct some naming. Apr 21, 2019
kate_gregory_-_emotional_code.pdf Add Kate Gregory's keynote and session slides. Apr 21, 2019
kate_gregory_-_what_do_we_mean_when_we_say_nothing_at_all.pdf Add Kate Gregory's keynote and session slides. Apr 21, 2019
marshall_clow_-_youve_written_a_library.pdf Add Marshall's slides Apr 18, 2019
mateusz_pusz_-_effective_replacement_of_dynamic_polymorphism_with_std_variant.pdf Added talks by Mateusz Pusz Apr 18, 2019
mateusz_pusz_-_implementing_physical_units_library_for_c++.pdf Added talks by Mateusz Pusz Apr 18, 2019
mathieu_ropert_-_the_state_of_package_management_in_cpp.pdf Add files via upload Apr 18, 2019
niall_douglas_-_elsewhere_memory.pdf Niall Douglas - Elsewhere Memory Apr 18, 2019
patricia_aas_-_the_anatomy_of_an_exploit.pdf Added slides for 'The Anatomy of an Exploit' Apr 25, 2019
simon_brand__peter_bindels_-_hello_world_from_scratch.pdf Add Hello World from Scratch Apr 18, 2019
supriya_srivatsa_-_going_multiplatform_with_kotlin.pdf Correct some naming. Apr 21, 2019
victor_ciura_-_fighting_git_workflows.pdf Added slides for Victor Ciura (2 presentations) Apr 14, 2019
victor_ciura_-_regular_types_and_why_do_i_care.pdf Added slides for Victor Ciura (2 presentations) Apr 14, 2019
viktor_kirilov_-_nim_hot_code_reloading.pdf Add a PDF sent by email. Apr 18, 2019

ACCU 2019 PDFs

This repository contains all the PDFs offered for inclusion on the ACCU Conference website website associated with the ACCU 2019 conference.

After each ACCU conference, PDFs of session material are collected to be associated with the videos on the ACCU Conference channel on YouTube, and linked to from that year's schedule page of the conference website.

This repository is separate from the website repository to avoid the problems of that repository getting huge and unwieldy due to these "blobs".

Naming Strategy

This repository uses a PDF file naming strategy presenter_name_-_session_title.pdf avoiding all spaces by replacing spaces with underscores. For many presenter sessions list all presenters separated with double underscore. So for example:



Licence and Copyright

Copyright in the material of each PDF file remains with the author or authors of the file. There is no general licence associated with the files in this repository, nor is the material in the public domain by virtue of being in this repository.

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