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ACCU 2019 PDFs

This repository contains all the PDFs offered for inclusion on the ACCU Conference website website associated with the ACCU 2019 conference.

After each ACCU conference, PDFs of session material are collected to be associated with the videos on the ACCU Conference channel on YouTube, and linked to from that year's schedule page of the conference website.

This repository is separate from the website repository to avoid the problems of that repository getting huge and unwieldy due to these "blobs".

Naming Strategy

This repository uses a PDF file naming strategy presenter_name_-_session_title.pdf avoiding all spaces by replacing spaces with underscores. For many presenter sessions list all presenters separated with double underscore. So for example:



Licence and Copyright

Copyright in the material of each PDF file remains with the author or authors of the file. There is no general licence associated with the files in this repository, nor is the material in the public domain by virtue of being in this repository.