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Mounting Assistive Technology Documentation
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Mounting Assistive Technology Documentation (MAT-doc)

The Mounting Assistive Technology Documentation (MAT-DOC) helps those involved with providing assistive technology to ensure it can be used effectively in a range of environments and contexts to meet the lifestyle needs of the user.

It is designed for service providers and others who are involved with attaching one piece of assistive technology, such as a communication device (or 'communication aid') to another, such as a wheelchair. It's designed to help ensure all relevant aspects have been considered to ensure the best solution is reached.

MAT-doc also includes Best Practice Guidelines which have been developed by a team of people who are all actively involved with mounting assistive technology.

The documents have been developed from the WRAMP documentation that has been in use for a number of years.

This is an open source project which means we're hoping for a collaborative approach to further development! To help, submit a new issue on GitHub or tell us about it on Twitter. Of course you'll need to have registered with either of those - if you're not you can just get in touch with us - see the list below of those involved.

Above all, please remember that these guidelines are intended to promote and facilitate independence and participation and not as a mechanism to find barriers to provision of equipment.


The MAT-doc working party consisted of :

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