World Database for ACEmulator based on data circa Coldeve, 16 PY
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ACE-World-16PY - World Database for ACEmulator

Coldeve, 16 P.Y. - Infiltration - February 2005

ACE-World-16PY is the World Database for ACEmulator, an emulator of the Asheron's Call game server

  • MySQL and MariaDB are used as the database engine.
  • Currently intended for developers that wish to contribute to the ACEmulator project.

Recommended Tools

Getting Started

This guide assumes you've followed the first four bullet-points found on ACEmulator Github

  • Click here to download the latest release of the database.
  • Extract the zip file.
  • Import the extracted SQL file into your SQL server.
  • Return to ACEmulator Github for additional instructions.


  • The preferred way to contribute is to fork the repo and submit a pull request on GitHub.
  • Code style information can be found on the Wiki.

Bug Reports

  • Please use the issue tracker provided by GitHub to send us bug reports.
  • You may also discuss issues and bug reports on our discord listed below.



Other Resources