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Live channel database backup #951

merged 17 commits into from Apr 19, 2019
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Just for now

@@ -136,6 +136,18 @@ Eclair uses [`logback`]( for logging. To use a different
java -Dlogback.configurationFile=/path/to/logback-custom.xml -jar eclair-node-gui-<version>-<commit_id>.jar

#### Backup

The files that you need to backup are located in your data directory. You must backup:
- your seed (`seed.dat`)
- your channel database (`eclair.bak` under directory `mainnet`, `testnet` or `regtest` depending on which chain you're running on)

Your seed never changes once it is created, but your channels do change whenever you receive our send payments.
`eclair.bak` is safe to backup even when your system is running. We recommend that you implement your backup
process in 2 steps:
- first, rename `eclair.bak` to a new local file
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pm47 Apr 19, 2019

Suggested change
- first, rename `eclair.bak` to a new local file
- first, move `eclair.bak` to a new local file
- then, backup the renamed file using whatever tool you like.

## Docker

A [Dockerfile](Dockerfile) image is built on each commit on [docker hub]( for running a dockerized eclair-node.
@@ -202,6 +214,9 @@ eclair.bitcoind.rpcuser=<your-mainnet-rpc-user-here>

## Resources
- [1] [The Bitcoin Lightning Network: Scalable Off-Chain Instant Payments]( by Joseph Poon and Thaddeus Dryja
- [2] [Reaching The Ground With Lightning]( by Rusty Russell
@@ -203,7 +203,7 @@
<!-- This is to get rid of '[WARNING] warning: Class javax.annotation.Nonnull not found - continuing with a stub.' compile errors -->
@@ -135,3 +135,10 @@ eclair {
private-key-file = "tor.dat"

// do not edit or move this section
eclair.backup-mailbox {
mailbox-type = "akka.dispatch.BoundedMailbox"
mailbox-capacity = 1
mailbox-push-timeout-time = 0
@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@ import fr.acinq.eclair.blockchain.fee.{ConstantFeeProvider, _}
import fr.acinq.eclair.blockchain.{EclairWallet, _}
import fr.acinq.eclair.crypto.LocalKeyManager
import fr.acinq.eclair.db.Databases
import fr.acinq.eclair.db.{BackupHandler, Databases}
import{Authenticator, Server, Switchboard}
import fr.acinq.eclair.payment._
import fr.acinq.eclair.router._
@@ -88,11 +88,12 @@ class Setup(datadir: File,
val config = NodeParams.loadConfiguration(datadir, overrideDefaults)
val seed = seed_opt.getOrElse(NodeParams.getSeed(datadir))
val chain = config.getString("chain")
val chaindir = new File(datadir, chain)
val keyManager = new LocalKeyManager(seed, NodeParams.makeChainHash(chain))

val database = db match {
case Some(d) => d
case None => Databases.sqliteJDBC(new File(datadir, chain))
case None => Databases.sqliteJDBC(chaindir)

val nodeParams = NodeParams.makeNodeParams(config, keyManager, initTor(), database)
@@ -223,8 +224,6 @@ class Setup(datadir: File,
wallet = bitcoin match {
case Bitcoind(bitcoinClient) => new BitcoinCoreWallet(bitcoinClient)
case Electrum(electrumClient) =>
val chaindir = new File(datadir, chain)
val sqlite = DriverManager.getConnection(s"jdbc:sqlite:${new File(chaindir, "wallet.sqlite")}")
val walletDb = new SqliteWalletDb(sqlite)
val electrumWallet = system.actorOf(ElectrumWallet.props(seed, electrumClient, ElectrumWallet.WalletParameters(nodeParams.chainHash, walletDb)), "electrum-wallet")
@@ -234,7 +233,8 @@ class Setup(datadir: File,
_ = {
case address =>"initial wallet address=$address")

// do not change the name of this actor. it is used in the configuration to specify a custom bounded mailbox
backupHandler = system.actorOf(SimpleSupervisor.props(BackupHandler.props(nodeParams.db, new File(chaindir, "eclair.bak")), "backuphandler", SupervisorStrategy.Resume))
audit = system.actorOf(SimpleSupervisor.props(Auditor.props(nodeParams), "auditor", SupervisorStrategy.Resume))
paymentHandler = system.actorOf(SimpleSupervisor.props(config.getString("payment-handler") match {
case "local" => LocalPaymentHandler.props(nodeParams)
@@ -0,0 +1,48 @@
package fr.acinq.eclair.db


import{Actor, ActorLogging, Props}
import akka.dispatch.{BoundedMessageQueueSemantics, RequiresMessageQueue}

* This actor will synchronously make a backup of the database it was initialized with whenever it receives
* a ChannelPersisted event.
* To avoid piling up messages and entering an endless backup loop, it is supposed to be used with a bounded mailbox
* with a single item:
* backup-mailbox {
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pm47 Apr 18, 2019


Isn't there a way to enforce this configuration? That seems a bit error prone.

Overall the pattern is pretty nice.

* mailbox-type = "akka.dispatch.BoundedMailbox"
* mailbox-capacity = 1
* mailbox-push-timeout-time = 0
* }
* Messages that cannot be processed will be sent to dead letters
* @param databases database to backup
* @param backupFile backup file
* Constructor is private so users will have to use BackupHandler.props() which always specific a custom mailbox
class BackupHandler private(databases: Databases, backupFile: File) extends Actor with RequiresMessageQueue[BoundedMessageQueueSemantics] with ActorLogging {

// we listen to ChannelPersisted events, which will trigger a backup
context.system.eventStream.subscribe(self, classOf[ChannelPersisted])

def receive = {
case persisted: ChannelPersisted =>
val start = System.currentTimeMillis()
val tmpFile = new File(backupFile.getAbsolutePath.concat(".tmp"))
val result = tmpFile.renameTo(backupFile)
require(result, s"cannot rename $tmpFile to $backupFile")
val end = System.currentTimeMillis()"database backup triggered by channelId=${persisted.channelId} took ${end - start}ms")

object BackupHandler {
def props(databases: Databases, backupFile: File) = Props(new BackupHandler(databases, backupFile)).withMailbox("eclair.backup-mailbox")
@@ -19,6 +19,7 @@ trait Databases {

val pendingRelay: PendingRelayDb

def backup(file: File) : Unit

object Databases {
@@ -45,6 +46,12 @@ object Databases {
override val peers = new SqlitePeersDb(eclairJdbc)
override val payments = new SqlitePaymentsDb(eclairJdbc)
override val pendingRelay = new SqlitePendingRelayDb(eclairJdbc)
override def backup(file: File): Unit = {
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pm47 Apr 17, 2019


This API makes the assumption that we will only use a single file to store the databases, which is a bit strange.

SqliteUtils.using(eclairJdbc.createStatement()) {
statement => {
statement.executeUpdate(s"backup to ${file.getAbsolutePath}")

@@ -82,7 +82,7 @@ object SqliteUtils {
* Obtain an exclusive lock on a sqlite database. This is useful when we want to make sure that only one process
* accesses the database file (see
* The lock will be kept until the database is closed, or if the locking mode is explicitely reset.
* The lock will be kept until the database is closed, or if the locking mode is explicitly reset.
* @param sqlite
@@ -0,0 +1,38 @@
package fr.acinq.eclair.db

import java.sql.DriverManager
import java.util.UUID

import{ActorSystem, Props}
import akka.testkit.TestKit
import fr.acinq.eclair.db.sqlite.SqliteChannelsDb
import fr.acinq.eclair.{TestConstants, TestUtils, randomBytes32}
import org.scalatest.FunSuiteLike

import scala.concurrent.duration._

class BackupHandlerSpec extends TestKit(ActorSystem("test")) with FunSuiteLike {

test("process backups") {
val db = TestConstants.inMemoryDb()
val wip = new File(TestUtils.BUILD_DIRECTORY, s"wip-${UUID.randomUUID()}")
val dest = new File(TestUtils.BUILD_DIRECTORY, s"backup-${UUID.randomUUID()}")
val channel = ChannelStateSpec.normal
assert(db.channels.listLocalChannels() == Seq(channel))

val handler = system.actorOf(BackupHandler.props(db, dest))
handler ! ChannelPersisted(null, TestConstants.Alice.nodeParams.nodeId, randomBytes32, null)
handler ! ChannelPersisted(null, TestConstants.Alice.nodeParams.nodeId, randomBytes32, null)
handler ! ChannelPersisted(null, TestConstants.Alice.nodeParams.nodeId, randomBytes32, null)
awaitCond(dest.exists(), 5 seconds)

val db1 = new SqliteChannelsDb(DriverManager.getConnection(s"jdbc:sqlite:$dest"))
val check = db1.listLocalChannels()
assert(check == Seq(channel))
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