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@sstone sstone released this May 9, 2019 · 3 commits to master since this release

This is a major release which includes many improvements and bug fixes, and we recommend that users upgrade.

It is compatible with eclair v0.2-beta9 (i.e you don't have to close your channels) but upgrading may be not as seamless as for previous versions, please check the Upgrading section.

Major changes

Eclair runs on mainnet by default

Default configuration now targets mainnet, but you can still easily run Eclair on testnet or regtest.


Our RPC API has been upgraded and improved and now include calls to retrieve payment information, see our API documentation. You can still choose to use the old API with a configuration option that will be removed in a future release.

Easy channels backup

Making backups of your channels is now simpler: we create an update an eclair.sqlite.bak backup file that is always consistent and safe to use even when your node is running.

Please note that an old backup can be used as a "static" backup: if you restore an old backup, channels open to peers that support Data Loss Protect will be recovered.

Simple Plugin Support

You can now easily write and deploy your own plugins, written in any JVM-compatible language. See the readme for more details.

Bitcoin Core v0.17 or newer is now required

We now require Bitcoin Core v0.17 or newer, meaning that eclair now works with Bitcoin Core v0.18. Eclair will not work anymore with older versions, you will have to upgrade.

Support for Tor Services

You can now run Eclair as a Tor hidden service for increased privacy.

Note that Tor also offers out-of-the-box NAT traversal, which solve the issue of changing ips.

Target JDK is now OpenJDK 11

We switched our target JDK from Oracle JDK8 to OpenJDK 11, and we recommend that you use it to run eclair. You can still use Oracle JDK8 (but it's up to you to check your licensing options).

Performance improvements

Eclair now embeds native JNI bindings for libsecp256k1 for Linux 64 bits, Windows 64 bits and Osx 64 bits, which makes eclair much faster. You can still use your own version of libsecp256k1 if you use a different OS.

Many internal structures and workflows have been optimised and eclair is now even faster (not that it was ever slow to begin with, eclair is used on some of the biggest nodes on LN).

Verifying signatures

You will need gpg and our release signing key 7A73FE77DE2C4027. Note that you can get it:

To import our signing key:

$ gpg --import drouinf.asc

To verify the release file checksums and signatures:

$ gpg -d SHA256SUMS.asc > SHA256SUMS.stripped
$ sha256sum -c SHA256SUMS.stripped


This release is compatible with Eclair v0.2-beta9. You don't need to close your channels, just stop eclair, upgrade and restart. However, there are 2 major runtime changes that you need to take into account:

  • If you're using Bitcoin Core v0.16.3, you must upgrade to v0.17 (latest release is 0.17.1). Since we require indexing, you tx index database will be migrated the first time you start your Bitcoin Core, which may take up to a few hours. Please stop eclair, migrate your Bitcoin node, and wait until its index database has been migrated before you start eclair again !
  • Our target JDK is now OpenJDK 11, and we suggest that you use it to run Eclair. You can still use Oracle JDK8 (but it's up to you to check your licensing options). See #846 for more details.


  • Use bitcoind fee estimator first (#987)
  • Ignore subprojects eclair-node/eclair-node-gui in the codecov report (#991)
  • Accept commit_sig without changes (#988)
  • Add bot support for code coverage (codecov) (#982)
  • Set tcp client timeout to 20s (#990)
  • Set default chain to "mainnet" (#989)
  • Replace UnknownPaymentHash and IncorrectPaymentAmount with IncorrectOrUnknownPaymentDetails (#984)
  • Update bash autocompletion for eclair-cli (#983)
  • API: Support query by channelId or shortChannelId everywhere (#969)
  • Better handling of closed channels (#944)
  • Electrum: make debug logs shorter (#964)
  • ElectrumWallet should not send ready if syncing (#963)
  • Print stack trace when crashing during boot sequence (#949)
  • Live channel database backup (#951)
  • Added simple plugin support (#927)
  • Add channel errors in audit db (#955)
  • Added a timeout for channel open request (#928)
  • Electrum: do not persist transaction locks (#953)
  • Add a proper payments database (#885)
  • Set max payment attempts from configuration (#931)
  • Expose the websocket over HTTP GET to work properly with basic auth (#934)
  • Send events when HTLCs settle on-chain (#884)
  • Electrum: update client name (#930)
  • Add random delay to rebroadcast (#925)
  • Rollback tx if disconnected in WAIT_FOR_FUNDING_SIGNED (#923)
  • Separate cases for bech32 testnet and regtest for BOLT11 fallback address
  • API: use form data instead of JSON-RPC (#894)
  • Deal with channels with fees=0 when computing a route (#905)
  • Check WatchSpent in constant time (#916)
  • Rework database initialization (#911)
  • Use bitcoin-lib 0.11 which embeds libsecp256k1 (#907)
  • Don't send updates if no filter has been set (#912)
  • Upgrade to bitcoin 0.17.1 (#826)
  • Better logic for sending channel_updates (#888)
  • Replace BinaryData by scodec.bits.ByteVector (#896)
  • Better error logs for socks5 proxy (#893)
  • NetworkDb: remove stale channels in batch (#886)
  • Clean channels with unexisting funding tx (#714)
  • Set default to-remote-delay-blocks to 720 (#879)
  • Routing heuristics (#821)
  • Use ypub prefix for Electrum xpub (#875)
  • Update jeromq dependency (#852)
  • Use OpenJDK 11 as default JDK (#846)
  • Electrum fixes and improvements (#873)
  • Fixed computation of available balance (#868)
  • Faster gui startup (#863)
  • Support all-uppercase payment requests (#862)
  • Reimplemented BOLT 11 with scodec (#856)
  • Parametric route search (#844)
  • Increased max-to-local-delay-blocks to 2016 (#853)
  • Stop disconnected peer when it has no channels (#840)
  • Improve Electrum start-up time (#848)
  • Add balance and channel lifecycle events to the audit db (#827)
  • Support for Tor onion services (#736)
  • (Router) Always select direct channel if there is one to the target (#850)
  • Proper handling of gossiped channels being spent (#838)
  • Ignore reconnections requests to the same peer with the same address (#835)
  • Replace initialization futures Future[Boolean] by Future[Done] (#836)
  • Set timestamp filter lower bound to current time (#837)
  • ChannelSelectionSpec: use akka.event.NoLogging (#834)
  • Relay to channel with lowest possible balance (#784)
  • Complete commit logs

Thank you @btcontract @rorp @n1bor @Kukks !

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