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A judging system for the ACM Debugging Competition

To Contribute:

1. Read the code style section below
2. Find a project card/issue you wish to work on
3. Turn the project card into an "issue" card/vice versa if not already done so.
4. Assign yourself to the issue
5. Do your work on a new branch parented to dev
  • Note: Please base your branch on dev.
  • Note: Please name your branch with your username then a short name for the ticket. For example, if Matt is working on the ebean model issue, he might call his branch "matthewmerrill_ebeanmodels"
6. Test your work using JUnit!
$ ./gradlew test

Test a variety of good and bad inputs. This will be exceedingly important in making sure our code will work during the competition. Don't test in prod!

7. On GitHub, create a pull request to merge your working branch into dev.
  • Note: If you didn't base your branch on dev this will be very difficult.
8. Unless it's urgent and you're 1,000% confident, don't merge your own branch!

Somebody else will give you a code review and perform the merge.

Code style:

  • Java 8 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Use the established websocket api thing I made for all new stuffs. REST is deprecated tbh
  • Spaces > Tabs. Use two spaces per level.
  • Java/Oracle naming conventions
  • To declare a route/filter:
    • First and foremost, think about whether this is the correct thing to do.
      • You probably should use the established practice of WS + proto.
    • Declare a static method with the correct signature in a Controller class (acmcsus.ctrl.SomeNameForController)
      • public static Object myRouteMethod(Request req, Response res)
      • It's okay to have it return String instead.
    • Add in DebugJudgeMain using a method reference
      • get("/myRoute", MyController::myRouteMethod);
  • Lambdas and Streams are great, but they are a tool with a purpose.


Judging software for the Debugging Competition and ICPC held by ACM @ CSUS






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