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A repository to accompany a git workshop - 2016.08.25
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A repository to accompany ACM's August 25th meeting, a git workshop.

Check out the presentation here!

Enjoy tons of free software at from the github education pack!

Some of our favorite git guides:

Cheat Sheet

Create a repo

$ git init => Creates new repo in current directory
$ git clone [] => Copies repo down from remote directory


$ git status => See status of files in repo
$ git diff => See change since last commit
$ git add [file name] => Add specific file(s) to the commit, add ‘--all’ to add all files to the commit
$ git commit -m “[Informative commit message]” => Commit added files to repo, with message


$ git checkout [Branch Name] => Switch to a different branch of given name, Add ‘-b’ to create the branch and then switch to it
$ git merge [Merge Branch] => Merges changes from named branch to current branch
$ git branch -d [Branch Name] => Delete a branch when you’re done with it

Working with a Remote

$ git pull origin => Pulls repo from remote repository
$ git push origin => Pushes repo to remote repository

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