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Adding yourself to the members directory

  1. Make sure you have Git installed on your system
  2. Create a GitHub account, then fork this repository by clicking the "Fork" button at the top of this page
  3. Paste or type this command into your Terminal or Git Bash window (Don't forget to fill in your username): git clone https://github.com/<your_username>/acmatuc.github.io.git
  4. You should now have a folder acmatuc.github.io, navigate to the subfolder _data using a file explorer or these commands:
    cd acmatuc.github.io
    cd _data
  5. Create and checkout a branch called add-[your name] using git checkout -b add-[your name]
  6. Open the YAML(.yml) file that corresponds to your graduation year
  7. At the top of the file there is an example template to copy and paste (lines 2-6) at the end of the file
  8. Remove the # from each line
  9. Edit each line with your information!
    • You can omit every line but the name if you don't want to share that information
    • Try to write a bio that won't require updating, as you'll have to remember to create another pull request to update it. Recommended to avoid specifics like your current year or etc.
    • Your profile image must be a direct link to an image already hosted somewhere on the web
      • I would suggest going to your Github and right clicking your profile image to get a direct link, but can also use imgur or another social media site.
  10. Once you are done adding your information, we need to commit and push your changes to your repo
    • Go to your terminal and run:
    git add .
    git commit -m "Added [your name] to directory"
    git push origin
  11. Go to your Github repo either via the Github homepage or https://github.com/<your_username>/acmatuc.github.io
  12. You should see a box that looks like this, click Compare & Pull Request
  13. Title and explain your pull request and click Create Pull Request
  14. All done! Once your pull request is approved, your changes will be on the website!


Here is an example of what my addition would be:

- name: Isiah Lloyd
  short_bio: I'm an ACM Member studying Computer Science. I'm also the webmaster for ACM@UC and help organize RevolutionUC
  image_url: https://avatars1.githubusercontent.com/u/885544?v=4&s=460
  github: isiah_lloyd
  website: https://www.isiah.me

Want more help?

Check out the first time we ran through this exercise as a workshop on git.