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What is ACRA ?

ACRA is a library enabling Android applications to automatically post their crash reports to a report server. It is targeted to android applications developers to help them get data from their applications when they crash or behave erroneously.

ACRA is used in 1.57% (See AppBrain/stats) of all apps on Google Play as of June 2020. That's over 13 thousand apps and over 5 billion downloads including ACRA.

See Setup for a step-by-step installation and usage guide.

A crash reporting feature for android apps is native since Android 2.2 (FroYo) but only available through the official Android Market (and with limited data). ACRA is a great help for Android developers:

ACRA's notification systems are clean. If a crash occurs, your application does not add user notifications over existing system's crash notifications or reporting features. By default, the "force close" dialog is not displayed anymore, to enable it set alsoReportToAndroidFramework to true.

The user is notified of an error only once, and you might enhance the perceived quality of your application by defining your own texts in the notifications/dialogs.

Please do not hesitate to open defects/enhancements requests in the issue tracker.

Latest version

For the latest version and a complete changelog, please see the Release page.

For migrating from 4.x, please see our Migration guide in the Wiki.


Acrarium is the official backend for report storage and analysis. Acrarium is in active development and has recently reached stable release.

Acralyzer was the official backend before that. It runs on CouchDB, for which free hosting solutions exist. It is feature complete, but currently unmaintained. Anybody picking this project up is very welcome.

A lot of other solutions have been provided by the community, just check which one you like most.