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No more Google Forms

Using Google Forms as an ACRA backend has been a nice free solution when starting android development. Though, Google asked us to stop using this solution and it won't be supported in future releases.

You can read more details on this topic here.

Selecting your backend for collecting ACRA reports may be the most difficult task. Here is a review of various solutions by Antoine Bouthors

Official backend

Acralyzer is the new open source backend created by the author of ACRA.

Its main advantages:

  • Can be hosted for free on Cloudant, IrisCouch or Couchappy (reasonable pricing plan based on your usage of both services, you'll most likely stay in the free zone)
    Note: if the backend is hosted on cloudant and facing Host returned error code 400 issue while posting report. Refer to the solution in the following link. Host returned error code 400
  • Based on a full open source stack, it can also be hosted on your own servers with the only requirement of installing CouchDB. Your data is yours.
  • Guarantees to display ALL possible data collected by ACRA.

Alternative backends

Being an open source project, ACRA welcomes all initiatives to integrate its reports in any other backend/analysis tool.

Here is a list of solutions we are aware of.

Commercial solutions

Their UI is often more polished than Acralyzer and they can provide some more handy features or integration with other bug tracking / project management tools.

Open source solutions

We did not test any of the following backends. Some are in early development stage. Support is provided by their respective developers.

Google AppEngine hosting:

PHP Hosting:

Ruby Hosting:

  • Acracadabra forwards reports to an email address. Allows to receive reports by mail without going through an intent (and user action to send the mail)
  • Johnny Crash

Python Hosting:

Node.js Hosting:

JVM Hosting:


  • acra-go Backend written in Go language, comes with dashboard, no external dependencies.
  • acra-collector Backend written in Rust. Very simple, no dashboard. Logs the crash to a file and sends an e-mail.
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