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@AndrewCRMartin AndrewCRMartin released this Feb 4, 2021

  • BuildConect.c Added check on MAXCONECT
  • Some fixes for strncpy() terminating strings
  • Increased some buffer sizes to avoid possible overwrites in sprintf()
  • Increased MAXCONECT from 8 to 16 for 1A3L
  • Added ForceExtractZone routines
  • Fix to deprecated.h
  • Added levenshtein.c
  • Updated ReadPDB.c for more checks on defining popen()
  • Changed calls to fabs() to abs() in secstr.c
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@AndrewCRMartin AndrewCRMartin released this Aug 14, 2018

blListHbonds() was only listing the first HBond found between two residues rather than creating a list of all HBonds between the two residues as advertised.

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@AndrewCRMartin AndrewCRMartin released this Aug 7, 2018

Turning on optimization with gcc 7.3.1 gave a non-clean compile. Most of these were not real problems, but some real out-of-bounds potential errors were found. Fixed all these.

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@AndrewCRMartin AndrewCRMartin released this Aug 3, 2018

Simple improvement to blCheckProgName() for pdbatomselect

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@AndrewCRMartin AndrewCRMartin released this Jul 12, 2018

  • Initialized some variables
  • Added sequtil.c
  • Added BLOSUM90 matrix
  • Stripping hydrogens also removes deuterium
  • Corrections to ABS() calls in blWritePDB()
  • Added blFreeMDM()
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Nov 10, 2017


Documented sequtil.c

@AndrewCRMartin AndrewCRMartin released this Oct 24, 2017

  • Fixed possible undefined variable in ReadPDB.c
  • Added blDeleteResiduePDB()
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@AndrewCRMartin AndrewCRMartin released this May 12, 2017

Adds secstr.c and secstr.h

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Aug 11, 2016


Removed from pdbsecstr development

@AndrewCRMartin AndrewCRMartin released this Feb 17, 2016

blExtractZonePDBAsCopy() was core dumping if there was an exact match to the first residue in the file. 'prev' wasn't being set correctly to NULL.

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