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ACenterA PaaS Community Edition

Commercial product differ from this open source solution, visit us at

OpenSouce Cloud Platform / Platform As A Service - Web Portal


Stick with us on HipChat :


You may get into problem with the Activator, in order to resolve the issue here what we have done to make it works.

  1. Downlaod the offline activator version from typesafe (~ 300mb)
  2. Modify the vi ~/.sbt/repositories
     #add teh following line at the beginning of the file
     activator-local: file://${activator.local.repository-${activator.home-${user.home}/.activator}/repository}, [organization]/[module]/(scala_[scalaVersion]/)(sbt_[sbtVersion]/)[revision]/[type]s/[artifact](-[classifier]).[ext]
  1. Export your IVY_HOME Path...
    export IVY_HOME


* i18N
* EmberJs
* Play Framework
* Role Base Access
* Team cooperation
* Admin interface *not yet anything implemented, but support is there*

Please add your Feature Requests

Feel free to contribute by providing a pull request if you wish to create a "command line client"

This currently support Digital Ocean's to manage servers with multiple accounts, still working on Role Base Access logic.

The web framework is based on EmberJS with Play, we have integrated and made custom changes to the Play-Ember module from Play-EmberJs

The i18N Support works as

Development Compile Installation

Download ACenterA Core module

    cd modules/acentera;
    git clone '' .
    cd ../../;

Compile / publish play-emberjs first

    cd ../;
    git clone '' 
    cd play-emberjs;
    play publish-local
    cd ../;
    rm -fr play-emberjs;
    cd $OLDPWD;

Play Compile / idea

    play compile

    play idea

IDEA Extra Configuration

You will need to install and configure the IDEA Lombok Plugin

ReCatpcha For Signup

Create yourself a recaptcha public and private key at

Insert the key and secret into conf/application.conf at the appropriate location.


Make sure to either install memcache on your development server or update the conf/application.conf memcache hosts

Database Configuration

I suggest that you use a MySQL Database connection.

Update in conf/applicatio.conf the db.default.url to use the mysql driver one.

Update in conf/hibernate.cfg.xml to use the MySQL Dialect and not H2.

Run the Portal

    play run

Sometime you may need to stop using Ctrl + C and restart the play run command (some Cannot ClassCast Exception due to Hibernate.... ) if you have that problem even after many "hot builds", you may issue a "play clean" command before.

Browse / Register to your own Portal


You should be able to login as "" with password "demo".

Please make sure to disable that account or to change its password.

If you have not properly configured the reCaptcha, you may use that account.



The EmberJS using play-ember, thanks for that plugin, takes the various *.handlebars files and *.js from the following folders in that order

* modules/acentera/app/assets/templates/base/common/{view,models,controller}
* modules/acentera/app/assets/templates/base/admin/{view,models,controller}
* modules/acentera/app/assets/templates/base/user/{view,models,controller}

* app/assets/templates/base/common/{view,models,controller}
* app/assets/templates/base/admin/{view,models,controller}
* app/assets/templates/base/user/{view,models,controller}

The Javascript files generated generated are imported from following html file in a specific order

* modules/acentera/app/assets/views/main.scala.html


We have not yet modified or created all of the i18N texts, feel free to create or update the various views and send us a pull request. We will be happy to look at them and integrate it.

* Browser base Text Replacement

EmberJS i18n.js file is located at modules/acentera/app/assets/templates/base/i18n.js

        fr : {
                leftmenu: {
                        project_list: "Liste de Projets"
                first_name: "Prenom",
                last_name: "Nom de famille",
        en : {
                leftmenu: {
                    project_list: "Project List"
                first_name: "First Name"

The i18N usage in a view is simple as this :

{{i18n "first_name"}}

or if you have a bootstrap tooltip we have created a small bind-attr-i18n handlebars helper

{{bind-attr-i18n data-original-title="last_name"}}

A Simple rule exists, if no token "last_name" has been found... it will replace the 1st character with a "Capital letter" and replace dot or underscoes with a space

* Server Text Replacement

You will find a conf/messages file in the root of this repo.

Not much have been done or looked into how Play Framework support i18n.

ACenterA Commercial Product

Sign up for free at ACenterA - Cloud & Database Managed Services


ACenterA Community Cloud Portal is under MIT license. See LICENSE.txt

Only meant for internal uses, if you want to use this service to present this UI for re-seller commercial activities... You should contact for help on a commercial usage