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Building the Framework

The ADAPT Framework requires the .NET Core 2.x SDK and the .NET 4.5.1 SDK to be built correctly. It is possible to build the projects with just the .NET Core 2.x SDK if you use the .NET CLI and use the -Framework flag.

CI Builds

The ADAPT Framework has it's tests run every time any code changes through a Travis CI job.

Release Builds

The ADAPT Framework is built by creating a GitHub Release that triggers a Travis CI job. The release tag version should conform to the pattern vX.X.X-alphaX for an alpha release, vX.X.X-betaX for a beta release, vX.X.X-rcX for a release candidate release and vX.X.X for a production release. The job takes the release tag version and publishes a NuGet package using that.

An example would be that the release tag version v1.2.3-beta2 will create a NuGet package with the version 1.2.3-beta2 and the assemblies would have the file version 1.2.3.N where N is the Travis CI build number.

Local Builds

The ADAPT Framework can be built locally on a developer machine if the repository is cloned.

Visual Studio Code

  • Open the repository directory with Visual Studio Code
  • Run the Build or Test task

Visual Studio 2017

  • Open ADAPT.sln in the repository directory with Visual Studio 2017
  • Run the Build > Rebuild Solution command


  • Navigate to the repository directory in a shell
  • Run dotnet build ./ADAPT.sln -c Debug for a debug build
  • Run dotnet build ./ADAPT.sln -c Release for a release build (with the addition argument /p:Version=<VERSION> if you want a version other than 0.0.0)

NuGet Package

  • Make sure that the code has been build for the Release configuration
  • Navigate to the repository directory in a shell
  • Run nuget pack ./AgGatewayADAPTFramework.nuspec -outputdirectory ./dist (with the addition argument -version <VERSION> if you want a package version other than 0.0.0)
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