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Parallelized cross entropy method
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Cross entropy method (CEM) implementation in python. CEM is easily parallelizable - this runs large batches across multiple processes, making it very efficient in clock time.

CEM is a optimization algorithm that fits parameters using

for epoch in num_epochs:
  sampling a population from a distribution
  testing that population using the environment
  selecting the elites (judged by total episode reward)
  refitting the sampling distribution (to the elites)

The total number of episodes run in an experiment is given by:

num_episoes = num_epochs * num_processes * batch_size


$ git clone

$ cd cem

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

The two dependencies of this project are Open AI gym and matplotlib.

Usage and results

Results for the gym environments CartPole-v0 and Pendulum-v0.


$ python cartpole --num_process 6 --epochs 8 --batch_size 4096


$ python pendulum --num_process 6 --epochs 15 --batch_size 4096

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