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This repo contains a static dump of the WordPress site that is/was serving

  • The dump was generated using a version of the Simply Static plugin that I modified to work with php-7.4.
  • It was then processed to completely remove all the hardcoded links (although it seems unlikely that this would ever be hosted anywhere other than, it doesn't hurt, and it made testing a lot easier).
  • Additional assets that Simply Static missed (?) were added.
  • Further links were regularized and relativized (with aggressive and gratuitous use of ag, sed, and perl).
  • A couple of mailto: links that were broken on the original site were fixed.
  • A note was added to links to given that the latter no longer exists.
  • Some unnecessary and obstructive cruft was removed from the <head/> of each page.
  • The search widget was removed -- it won't work without a backend, and there doesn't seem to be much need for a move involved solution.
  • A 404 page was added.

Note that the combined book of abstracts (abstracts/DH2017-abstracts.pdf) comes in at ~175mb, which is too large for git, so this repo makes use of git-lfs. If you want to clone this repo for any reason you'll need to install git-lfs first (see also:


Static dump of the website






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