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This archive contains all available versions of the following documents:

AGR's (AICC Guidelines and Recommendations)

  • AGR001 AICC Guidelines and Recommendations
  • AGR002 Courseware Delivery Stations: Hardware
  • AGR003 Digital Audio
  • AGR004 Courseware Delivery Stations: Software
  • AGR005 CBT Peripheral Devices
  • AGR006 Computer Managed Instruction
  • AGR007 Courseware Interchange
  • AGR008 Digital Video
  • AGR009 Icon Guidelines
  • AGR010 Web-based Computer Managed Instruction (CMI)
  • AGR011 CBT Packet Exchange Notification (English) (French)
  • AGR012 Training Development Checklist

Technical Reports and White Papers

  • AUD001 Plug & Play Guidelines for AICC CBT drivers
  • AUD002 Digital Audio Portability Guidelines
  • AUD003 AICC Extensions to the IMA Recommended Practices
  • CMI001 AICC/CMI Guidelines For Interoperability
  • CMI003 AICC/CMI Certification Testing Procedures
  • CMI008 AICC/Web-Based CMI Certification Testing Procedures
  • CMI010 Package Exchange Notification Services
  • CMI012 AICC Packaging Specification
  • CMI013 XML for CMI Communication
  • COM002 Documentation Guidelines for AICC non-AGR Publications
  • CRS002 Glossary of Terms Related to Computer Based Training (CBT)
  • CRS003 Hierarchy of CBT terms for AICC Publications
  • CRS004 Guidelines for CBT Courseware Interchange
  • CRS005 Bitmap Graphic File Format
  • DELS002 Aviation Industry Metadata Description
  • MP001 Reusability Analysis of Reusable Objects
  • MPD005 Part Task Trainer Interfacing
  • MPD006 AICC Audio and the Migration to Windows
  • MPD011 -The Use of Digtal Video in Computer Based Training (CBT)

Working Papers

  • (CMI_TIPS) CBT Design & Development Recommendations for Users of AICC CMI Standards
  • MDP010 Simulation Interoperability
  • CRS006 Distance Learning
  • ELS001 Digital Electronic Library System
  • SMG001 Airbus Industrie Smart Graphics Specifications
  • CMI004 AICC/CMI Assignable Unit (AU) Proxy Design Guidelines
  • CMI004 AICC/CMI Assignable Unit (AU) Proxy Design Guidelines
  • CMI006 Levels of CMI Compliance/Supplement to AICC CMI Guidelines
  • CMI007 Web Launch Scenarios for the AICC CMI Guidelines