A library of useful compounds and tools for Max Creation Graph.
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3ds Max 2017 MCG Samples

A library of useful Max Creation Graph (MCG) compounds and tools for 3ds Max 2017.

  1. Download from: https://github.com/ADN-DevTech/3dsMax-MCG-Samples/archive/master.zip
  2. Unzip to: %userprofile%\Autodesk\3ds Max 2017\Max Creation Graph\Tools
  3. Restart 3ds Max.

Note that "%userprofile%" can be entered directly into Windows explorer and usually maps to somewhere like "C:\Users\digginc". We recommend that if you have installed previously you move the old "3dsMax-MCG-Samples" folder outside of the "Max Creation Graph\Tools" pathbefore unzipping.

This process is documented in video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6qJNoEudaI

Sample MCG Primitives and Samples

For an explanation and demo of some of the tools see the following blog posts:

Sample MCG Compounds

All sample compounds have the suffix "-ext". You can type into the search dialog "*-ext" to see a list of new operators.

Sample Scenes

There are several sample max files included in the zip under the scenes folder that demonstrate the various tools.


We recommend that you do not save modify the tools and compounds, but instead copy the files you want into a new directory and make the changes there.