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ADOdb is a PHP database class library to provide more powerful abstractions for performing queries and managing databases. ADOdb also hides the differences between the different databases so you can easily switch dbs without changing code.

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ADODB Library for PHP5

(c) 2000-2014 John Lim (

Released under both BSD and GNU Lesser GPL library license. This means you can use it in proprietary products.

Home page:

WARNING: known issue with Associative Fetch Mode in ADOdb v5.19
When fetching data in Associative mode (i.e. when $ADODB_FETCH_MODE is set to ADODB_FETCH_ASSOC), recordsets do not return any data (empty strings) when using some database drivers. The problem has been reported on MSSQL, Interbase and Foxpro, but possibly affects other drivers as well; all drivers derived from the above are also impacted. For further details, please refer to Issue #20.


PHP's database access functions are not standardized. This creates a need for a database class library to hide the differences between the different databases (encapsulate the differences) so we can easily switch databases.

The library currently supports MySQL, Interbase, Sybase, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL server, Foxpro ODBC, Access ODBC, Informix, DB2, Sybase SQL Anywhere, generic ODBC and Microsoft's ADO.

We hope more people will contribute drivers to support other databases.


Unpack all the files into a directory accessible by your web server.

To test, try modifying some of the tutorial examples. Make sure you customize the connection settings correctly.

You can debug using:


$db = ADONewConnection($driver); # eg. 'mysql' or 'oci8'
$db->debug = true;
$db->Connect($server, $user, $password, $database);
$rs = $db->Execute('select * from some_small_table');
print "<pre>";
print "</pre>";

Documentation and Examples

Refer to the docs directory for library documentation and examples.

  • Main documentation: docs-adodb.htm. Query, update and insert records using a portable API.
  • Data dictionary docs: docs-datadict.htm. Describes how to create database tables and indexes in a portable manner.
  • Database performance monitoring docs: docs-perf.htm. Allows you to perform health checks, tune and monitor your database.
  • Database-backed session docs: docs-session.htm.

There is also a tutorial tute.htm that contrasts ADOdb code with mysql code.


  • is the library's main file. You only need to include this file.
  • adodb-*.inc.php are the database specific driver code.
  • adodb-session.php is the PHP4 session handling code.
  • test.php contains a list of test commands to exercise the class library.
  • contains the list of databases to apply the tests on.
  • Benchmark.php is a simple benchmark to test the throughput of a SELECT statement for databases described in The benchmark tables are created in test.php.

Feature Requests and Bug Reports

Please report bugs, issues and feature requests on Github:

You may also find legacy issues in

However, please note that they are not actively monitored and should only be used as reference.

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