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A custom shell Windows 10 Mobile-like for Windows 10 Desktop
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ADeltaX ThemeEngine (Dark/Light theme) + xaml tweaks + reorg
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Some XAML tweaks
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MobileShell - A custom shell for Windows 10 Desktop/ARM64 (17134+)

Running on a PC:


Running on a phone:


What's new:

  • Battery status (charging, normal, saving)
  • Detects (like w10m):
    • Focus Assist
    • Location usage
    • WiFi (expected to be partially broken)
    • Cellular (+ dual sim) -> WIP, expected to be broken
    • Tablet mode or Desktop mode (expected to be broken)
    • It may bug explorer.exe, in that case open Task Manager, kill MobileShell, go in Desktop mode and launch MobileShell again.
  • Double tap to sleep
  • Click/touch the status bar to open the action center


  • It's an alpha, expect some issues.


  • Add Battery status
  • Add Focus Assist
  • Add Location
  • Add WiFi
  • Add Cellular icon (with basic behavior)
  • Add Tablet/Desktop mode changes detection
  • Finish Cellular icon/behavior implementation
  • Fix WiFi icon behavior
  • Fix Tablet/Desktop Mode padding
  • Add support for rotation (basic)
  • Add support for DPI changes
  • Add support for resolution changes
  • (Optional) Fix Tablet\Desktop mode changes behavior (this is kinda hard.)


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details

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