AEM 7130: Spring 2019
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AEM 7130: Spring 2019

This is the Git repository for the AEM 7130 Spring 2019 course. The repo will contain the syllabus, lecture notes, and problem sets.


You can find the syllabus here.

Problem sets

Problem set submissions: push your homeworks to your group's repo by the due date. Homeworks must be submitted as a well-commented and executed Jupyter notebook. See JuliaPraxis for some best practices on commenting.

Problem Set 1 // Problem Set 1 Solutions: Due February 13
Problem Set 2: Due February 27

Final project proposal

Final project proposal guidelines


To read the first lecture note correctly on your own you'll want to install the RISE plugin (will be converted to RMarkdown in the future).

Week 1/2: Intro to Computation
Week 2: Intro to Coding and Julia
Week 2/3: Intro to Git and Version Control
Week 3/4: Optimization
Week 4: Discrete Time Dynamics
Week 5/6: Numerical Methods for Discrete Time Dynamic Models