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The AER Line File Parameter Database contains AER and TES input spectoscopic line parameter databases built from HITRAN and from other community resources. Please see our reference and publications list for more details.

  • Full Spectral Range: 0-25232 cm-1; 44607-57028 cm-1
  • The current AER version is built from HITRAN2016 with notable exceptions for H2O, CO2, CH4, O2.
  • The line files have been converted from HITRAN f160 to HITRAN f100 format.
  • The line list covers the full HITRAN spectral region and is provided both as one total line list (line_file/*) and as separate individual line lists for each molecule (line_files_by_molecule/*)
  • Separate H2O isotope line files have been provided (i.e. for HDO retrievals).