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Capistrano recipes for af83

We are af83. We develop web applications and most of them are deployed with capistrano. The capistrano-af83 gem let us share recipes and good practices between our projects. It's an Open-Source project, so feel free to use it or just look at it for inspiration!

How to use it?

Add it in the Gemfile and run bundle update:

group :development do
  gem 'capistrano-af83'  

Then run capify ., use of one the examples of config/deploy.rb files and follow the comments for configuration.

And finally test it on the dev environment:

cap dev deploy:setup
cap dev deploy:check
cap dev deploy

Capistrano extensions

We use some capistrano extensions (capistrano-af83 depends on them):

  • capistrano_colors: colorize your capistrano output for better overview
  • capistrano-notification: notify the end of the deployment on IRC
  • sushi: add a recipe that starts a SSH connection to remote server
  • bundler: automatically run bundle install on the remote server with deployment-friendly options


| Cap stage | Rails env   | Git branch | Host                       |
| N/A       | development | master     | localhost                  |
| N/A       | test        | master     | localhost/jenkins          |
| dev       | dev         | master     | dev.{project}     |
| staging   | staging     | staging    | staging.{project} |
| prod      | production  | production | {project}.com              |


Copyright (c) 2011 af83

Released under the MIT license

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