JQuery plugin to implement a flexible "edit in place" mechanism
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A JQuery plugin to implement a flexible "edit in place" mechanism

Oh... BTW, even if it's working, it's alpha.


It's a JQuery plugin, so... It needs JQuery. But nothing else.


Include and invoke in-da-house.js in your app as usual.

So far, the basic expected HTML structure is a container, let's say a div, containing some sort of user input element (input, textarea, select).

<div class="edit_in_da_house">
<input type="text" name="name">

That's all, yet that's mandatory, in-da-house won't create the user input element. Why ? Because most of the time the user input will come with additionnal classes, a value from a database, etc... All this is much more handily rendered by a framework related templating system.

Also, have a look at the HTML snippets in test/fixtures, to get a better glimpse of what the library expects and is capable of.


A container, on which in_da_house(options) has already being called, can call in_da_house('method') again, with method being one of $.in_da_house prototype. This will be more thoroughly specified later.

$('.selector').in_da_house({that: 'option'});
// may have already been called by the library if the default class was set on the container

// this will "manually" set the editor elements as visible, and the editable hidden


Because I already had snippets dealing out with this feature before i looked at what already existed and i wanted to further the concept.

Because, despite what other libraries stated, i found them not enough flexible and easy to integrate with the use of a framework.


MIT License

Copyright (C) 2011 by af83