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is a fun simple Ruby/nodejs/PHP script with oAuth2 support that exposes Redis It allows you to write full fledged application in 100% client side code, and still have serverside persistance, authentication and authorization over HTTP with a nice jQuery plugin
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RedisHTTP is just a fun simple PHP / nodejs / Ruby script that exposes Redis over HTTP

It simply takes the url path and passes it to Redis, getting the response back either Raw or encode in Json. The rational behnid this is to get a "free" persistant key val store in javascript. see

On the choice of redisent see

Using it is as simple as : $redishttp= new RedisHTTP(); echo json_encode(RedisHTTP::run()); So simply visiting http://localhost/redis/set/Hello/world

Will Set the key "Hello" to the value "World"

Visiting http://localhost/redis/get/Hello

Will output: ` World

Visiting http://localhost/redis/flushdb will destory your redis data. All of it. Without ever asking for any kind of confirmation. So if ever you mean to use this, you must implement server side controls.

All of Redis methods are supported. So you can use for example http://localhost/redis/info to monitor your redis server

you can set the redis host and port with $redishttp= new RedisHTTP('localhost, 6379);

Note: there is no state on the server side. So each command you send is a new connection; This is mostly important so you understand: No piping, and select will basically do nothing

Below is a simple ajax form that sends commands to redis and shows the result seperate the commands and the parameters by a forward slash

examples (just type this in the input box below):

info set/hello/world get/hello

BSD licence (c) 2010 AF83 more on af83 dev blog

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