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Add documentation about translating button texts

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@@ -308,6 +308,14 @@ Finally, you can also overwrite any label, hint or placeholder inside your view,
308 308
309 309 There are other options that can be configured through I18n API, such as required text, boolean and button texts. Be sure to check our locale file or the one copied to your application after you run "rails generate simple_form:install".
310 310
  311 +For translating buttons, use Rails' built-in I18n support:
  312 +
  313 + en:
  314 + helpers:
  315 + user:
  316 + create: "Add User"
  317 + update: "Save Changes"
  318 +
311 319 == Configuration
312 320
313 321 SimpleForm has several configuration values. You can read and change them in the initializer created by SimpleForm, so if you haven't executed the command below yet, please do:

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