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Kinect with UCEngine

What: detect gestures with a Kinect and send them as events to UCEngine
When: CodeWeek 5
Where: Caours, France
Who: Bruno Michel, af83

Instructions for a quick start

  1. Install dependencies:

  2. Compile the UCE-Gestures:

    git clone <...> && cd kinect.uce make ./bin/UCE-Gestures | ./bin/std2uce nono.localhost 80

  3. Create the vhost:

    echo " nono.localhost" >> /etc/hosts ln -s ~/dev/kinect.uce/config/nginx /etc/nginx/sites-available/nono.localhost ln -s /etc/nginx/sites-available/nono.localhost /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/ /etc/init.d/nginx restart

  4. Enjoy:

    firefox http://nono.localhost/


List of events in UCEngine:

  • kinect.wave
  • kinect.nocircle (end of a circle move, with the number of circles made in param)
  • kinect.swipeup
  • kinect.swipedown
  • kinect.swipeleft
  • kinect.swiperight


The code is licensed as MIT. See the MIT-LICENSE for the full license.

Copyright (c) 2011 Bruno Michel

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