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Ideas for AFL++

In the following, we describe a variety of ideas that could be implemented for future AFL++ versions.

Analysis software

Currently analysis is done by using afl-plot, which is rather outdated. A GTK or browser tool to create run-time analysis based on fuzzer_stats, queue/id* information and plot_data that allows for zooming in and out, changing min/max display values etc. and doing that for a single run, different runs and campaigns vs. campaigns. Interesting values are execs, and execs/s, edges discovered (total, when each edge was discovered and which other fuzzer share finding that edge), test cases executed. It should be clickable which value is X and Y axis, zoom factor, log scaling on-off, etc.

Mentor: vanhauser-thc

WASM Instrumentation

Currently, AFL++ can be used for source code fuzzing and traditional binaries. With the rise of WASM as a compile target, however, a novel way of instrumentation needs to be implemented for binaries compiled to Webassembly. This can either be done by inserting instrumentation directly into the WASM AST, or by patching feedback into a WASM VM of choice, similar to the current Unicorn instrumentation.

Mentor: any

Support other programming languages

Other programming languages also use llvm hence they could be (easily?) supported for fuzzing, e.g., mono, swift, go, kotlin native, fortran, ...

GCC also supports: Objective-C, Fortran, Ada, Go, and D (according to Gcc homepage)

LLVM is also used by: Rust, LLGo (Go), kaleidoscope (Haskell), flang (Fortran), emscripten (JavaScript, WASM), ilwasm (CIL (C#)) (according to LLVM frontends)

Mentor: vanhauser-thc

Machine Learning

Something with machine learning, better than NEUZZ :-) Either improve a single mutator through learning of many different bugs (a bug class) or gather deep insights about a single target beforehand (CFG, DFG, VFG, ...?) and improve performance for a single target.

Mentor: domenukk

Your idea!

Finally, we are open to proposals! Create an issue at and let's discuss :-)