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relationshipValue in backingObject get lost while updateBackingObject #134

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The method updateBackingObject transfer the relationship value of managedObject into backingObject. There is a typo that a nil value mutableBackingRelationshipValue is transferred. So the existing relationship value of backingObject get lost after this method.


@mattt this is an obvious typo which will cause strange error during inserting new record. I hope you can check it and fix it asap.

@mattt mattt merged commit 7d5ad17 into AFNetworking:master

Indeed it is. I'll package all of the latest commits into a new tiny release now.

@alvinhu alvinhu deleted the alvinhu:relationshipValue-in-backingObject-get-lost-while-updateBackingObject branch
@alvinhu alvinhu restored the alvinhu:relationshipValue-in-backingObject-get-lost-while-updateBackingObject branch
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  1. +1 −1  AFIncrementalStore/AFIncrementalStore.m
2  AFIncrementalStore/AFIncrementalStore.m
@@ -220,7 +220,7 @@ - (void)updateBackingObject:(NSManagedObject *)backingObject
mutableBackingRelationshipValue = [NSMutableSet setWithCapacity:[relationshipValue count]];
- for (NSManagedObject *relationshipManagedObject in mutableBackingRelationshipValue) {
+ for (NSManagedObject *relationshipManagedObject in relationshipValue) {
if (![[relationshipManagedObject objectID] isTemporaryID]) {
NSManagedObjectID *backingRelationshipObjectID = [self objectIDForBackingObjectForEntity:relationship.destinationEntity withResourceIdentifier:AFResourceIdentifierFromReferenceObject([self referenceObjectForObjectID:relationshipManagedObject.objectID])];
if (backingRelationshipObjectID) {
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