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= 0.9.0 / 2012-01-23
* Add thread-safe behavior to `AFURLConnectionOperation`
(Mattt Thompson)
* Add batching of operations for `AFHTTPClient` (Mattt
* Add authentication challenge callback block to override
default implementation of
`connection:didReceiveAuthenticationChallenge:` in
`AFURLConnectionOperation` (Mattt Thompson)
when defined, short-circuits the standard preference
ordering used in `AFJSONEncode` and `AFJSONDecode` to use
`NSJSONSerialization` when available, falling back on
third-party-libraries. (Mattt Thompson, Shane Vitarana)
* Add custom `description` for `AFURLConnectionOperation`
and `AFHTTPClient` (Mattt Thompson)
* Add `text/javascript` to default acceptable content
types for `AFJSONRequestOperation` (Jake Boxer)
* Add `imageScale` property to change resolution of images
constructed from cached data (Štěpán Petrů)
* Add note about third party JSON libraries in README
(David Keegan)
* `AFQueryStringFromParametersWithEncoding` formats
`NSArray` values in the form `key[]=value1&key[]=value2`
instead of `key=(value1,value2)` (Dan Thorpe)
* `AFImageRequestOperation -responseImage` on OS X uses
`NSBitmapImageRep` to determine the correct pixel
dimensions of the image (David Keegan)
* `AFURLConnectionOperation` `connection` has memory
management policy `assign` to avoid retain cycles caused by
`NSURLConnection` retaining its delegate (Mattt Thompson)
* `AFURLConnectionOperation` calls super implementation
for `-isReady`, following the guidelines for `NSOperation`
subclasses (Mattt Thompson)
* `UIImageView -setImageWithURL:` and related methods call
success callback after setting image (Cameron Boehmer)
* Cancel request if an authentication challenge has no
suitable credentials in `AFURLConnectionOperation
-connection:didReceiveAuthenticationChallenge:` (Jorge
* Remove exception from
BodyWithBlock:` raised when certain HTTP methods are used.
(Mattt Thompson)
* Remove `AFImageCache` from public API, moving it into
private implementation of `UIImageView+AFNetworking` (Mattt
* Mac example application makes better use of AppKit
technologies and conventions (Mattt Thompson)
* Fix issue with multipart form boundaries in
BodyWithBlock:` (Ray Morgan, Mattt Thompson, Sam Soffes)
* Fix "File Upload with Progress Callback" code snippet in
README (Larry Legend)
* Fix to SBJSON invocations in `AFJSONEncode` and
`AFJSONDecode` (Matthias Tretter, James Frye)
* Fix documentation for `AFHTTPClient
requestWithMethod:path:parameters:` (Michael Parker)
* Fix `Content-Disposition` headers used for multipart
form construction (Michael Parker)
* Add network reachability status change callback property
to `AFHTTPClient`. (Mattt Thompson, Kevin Harwood)
* Fix exception handling in `AFJSONEncode` and
`AFJSONDecode` (David Keegan)
* Fix `NSData` initialization with string in
`AFBase64EncodedStringFromString` (Adam Ernst, Mattt
* Fix error check in `appendPartWithFileURL:name:error:`
(Warren Moore, Baldoph, Mattt Thompson)
* Fix compiler warnings for certain configurations
(Charlie Williams)
* Fix bug caused by passing zero-length `responseData` to
response object initializers (Mattt Thompson, Serge Paquet)
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