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Clean before build

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1 parent c9eb7a2 commit 674de9962d6d160ec69e7e24ba6013e3949b1de8 @supermarin supermarin committed
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@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ task :default => 'test'
def run_tests(scheme, sdk)
- sh("xcodebuild -workspace AFNetworking.xcworkspace -scheme '#{scheme}' -sdk '#{sdk}' -configuration Release test | xcpretty -c ; exit ${PIPESTATUS[0]}") rescue nil
+ sh("xcodebuild -workspace AFNetworking.xcworkspace -scheme '#{scheme}' -sdk '#{sdk}' -configuration Release clean test | xcpretty -c ; exit ${PIPESTATUS[0]}") rescue nil
def is_mavericks_or_above

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